Core Expertise

Applied Motion Systems, Inc. is a Mechatronics Technology Company specializing in precision motor control and power conversion using high performance inverter and motion technologies. Whether we are deploying a 122 axis carbon fiber layup system or managing an undersea tidal generator array with battery storage – we have the technical expertise to manage every aspect of system engineering, fabrication and field commissioning to deliver efficient, reliable and precise system operation.

We combine skilled engineering and best-of-breed technologies to deliver state-of-the-art control system solutions for Industrial and Power Utility markets. AMS boasts a full service UL 508 panel shop along with metal fabrication, machine shop, and system assembly and motor / generator test-stand facilities.

AMS has twenty years of proven experience in systems integration and manufacturing with well over 3000 axes of motion in production. These axes range in size from small servo systems responsible for testing consumer products devices to large multi-axis systems with 1500+ HP per axis making tissue at over 5000 fpm. In the renewables sector, our systems reliably convert mechanical energy to utility grade power with efficient battery storage for peak shaving and demand leveling. Our systems provide reliable operation 24 hours a day in hundreds of applications across North America as well as in Europe and China.

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