New Support Programs

Posted by admin on Tue, 04/01/2008 - 12:00

Best in class support packages minimize downtime and maximize productivity

February 1, 2008, Vancouver, WA - Applied Motion Systems, Inc., a leading provider of automated
motion control systems for a variety of industries, announced its Comprehensive Support Program to help customers manage support costs.

The Comprehensive Support Program offers AMS customers a choice between two customizable support packages: Silver and Gold. Both packages provide customers with 24-7 phone support as well as priority service so that they receive immediate help without having to wait for a purchase order. In addition, customers receive priority notification about software updates and hardware
migration recommendations. For customers that want remote online troubleshooting support directly from an AMS systems engineer to the plant, AMS offers Silver and Gold customers a secure online troubleshooting option. Both packages provide discounts on spare parts, repair service, and field service rates.

The Gold package is a premium support package which includes an annual plant visit by an AMS systems engineer to tune-up and audit existing AMS systems, evaluate production improvements, and provide training for plant personnel on AMS systems. In addition, the engineer reviews critical spares inventory and helps maintenance personnel plan for routine maintenance as well as emergencies.

“Many of our customers have expressed a desire to have regular visits from our technical staff to provide training and implement improvements that have been developed for other plants. This Comprehensive Support Program allows us to perform these services according to a planned
schedule with predictable costs, which benefit both our customers and our field engineers,” said Ken Brown, CEO of AMS.

The Gold and Silver support packages are competitively priced on an annual, per plant basis and are designed to ensure AMS customers get the most out of their automated control systems.

View our Support Program brochure here.