AMS is Expanding!

Posted by admin on Tue, 07/08/2008 - 17:35

May 9, 2007, Vancouver, WA ─ Applied Motion Systems, Inc., a leading provider of automated motion control systems for a variety of industries, announced the expansion of its shop space by 50%. Suite B, next door to AMS’s current shop facility in the Orchards district of Vancouver, became available in late 2006. AMS needed the additional 6,000 square feet to accommodate a new planer mill which enables machinists to machine large weldments. “The new mill can easily drill holes, machine grooves and slots into steel, aluminum, and plastic sheets of up to 17 feet long and 3 feet wide with minimal effort. In the past, we have outsourced this work to other local shops. Now we can control the quality and time it takes to finish the work. In the end, this also saves us money,” machinist Tom Glassett explained.

In addition, the expanded shop increases AMS’s welding and parts fabrication spaces and steel inventory capacity. With extra space created in the existing shop, AMS purchased and erected a professional paint booth. “We realized that transportation of our components and negotiating schedules with local industrial paint finishers and machine shops involved a lot of extra work and made it difficult to keep our manufacturing schedules predictable. By managing these operations in-house, we have better control over schedule, quality, and costs” said Ken Brown, CEO of AMS.

panoramic view of Suite B