First Hybrid Haz-Mat Truck

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AMS Helps Freightliner Deliver First Hybrid Haz-Mat Truck
First hybrid hazardous materials truck features AMS inverter protection system

December 9, 2009, Vancouver, WA ─ Applied Motion Systems, Inc., a leading provider of factory automation and industrial drive systems, successfully delivered a unique safety fusing system for the first-ever hybrid hazardous materials transfer truck built by Freightliner.
Freightliner needed a robust, cost-effective inverter fuse protection system that would function in severe mobile conditions. Dave Bryant of Freightliner contacted AMS to see if we could help because of our significant experience building high-voltage fuse protection devices for severe and wet industrial environments.

The design challenge was this: how to deploy technology developed for severe environment industrial applications in a mobile transportation environment. We approached Freightliner’s problem by leveraging our experience with mining technologies. We needed to integrate high-voltage fuse protection into a high-vibration environment that is subjected to temperature and humidity extremes. An added dimension would be adapting state-of-the-art Yazaki connectors designed for the electric vehicle market.

Our high-voltage inverter protection solution integrates high-voltage water-tight connectors within a corrosion-resistant housing. This solution allowed tight tolerance machining of a composite enclosure to provide precision sealing surfaces for the connectors. We also used weatherproof fuse holders as a second level of environmental protection. The complete package allowed easy inline integration for cable routing and simplified chassis mounting of the complete system.

How did the solution work? Dave recently wrote us requesting additional units. He went on to say this: “The package worked fantastic and we delivered the truck to the show on time. Your team made it possible. Thank you!”

AMS has become the leading provider of inverter protection fuse systems for the heavy truck industry as a key supplier to Daimler Freightliner and Navistar.

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